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Updated: May 2, 2023

I hope this post finds you all in a good place mentally, physically, emotionally... and spiritually (if that floats your boat)

Firstly, I'm so sorry that the recovery and return to work has all taken so much longer than I originally thought it would.

As you will know from my last update, I planned to start back at the Lodge Space at the start of December, albeit with limited slots, durations etc. Unfortunately, the amount of flexibility and the gaps between clients I needed to get things going was outside what the Lodge could sensibly offer me from a business point of view.

In addition, as it stands right now, the lodge aren't opening up any new slots until they reassess and revise the therapists agreements. Hopefully, this will be in January.

So... my action plan... If we reach mid January without any movement, I'll try to find a temporary venue in the Canada Water area. For those of you who have prepaid packs and have been patiently (or a least not showing your impatience haha) waiting for my return... you really have gone above and beyond... but seriously, if you need a massage, please book in with either Cristina or Dominique as they are honouring tokens bought with me... don't let things get too tense or painful.

In North London, I'm talking to "Down To Earth" about using their beautiful treatment room in Tufnell Park. I'll post updates on that here.

Outcalls are still on hold until further notice. the carrying, setting up and treatment is still too much for my hand.

I know this is not the definitive 'start date announcement' a few have contacted me for. I only wish it was. I'll endeavour to increase the frequency of updates now things are starting to fall into place.

And please, please feel free to drop me an email or WhatsApp if you have any questions or need advice about your bodies/states of mind etc

Now... make a nice cuppa, sit back for 5 minutes and send good vibes out to all and sundry. If you have some spare, throw some my way and cross fingers and toes that I get back into the treatment rooms without much more hurdle-swerving and can-kicking ;)

See you soon!

Healthy, happy regards



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